Why you should eat WHITE rice

For some reason everyone is shaming any “white” carbohydrate source with black and white dieting arguments. Brown/Whole Grain/Whole Wheat is good, White is bad. Well I’m here to tell you there are benefits to eating white rice over brown rice. To be honest, for the average person, it doesn’t really matter which one you eat.

So why does everyone on a diet think they need to eat brown rice when in reality every bodybuilding/bikini athlete chooses jasmine rice?

White rice has a higher glycemic index. This means it has a higher affect on your insulin levels. After a workout, you want to spike your insulin levels to promote recovery which is why high GI carbohydrate sources are favorable at this time.

Ok but that’s just for after a workout. Brown rice has so much more fiber and other nutritional benefits right?


Brown rice has a couple more grams of fiber, some fat, and is less processed than white rice. Not really a big difference…at all.

However, when it comes down to it…eat whichever you want. I always promote everything in moderation and this is no different; eat both!

One of my favorite ways to get the benefits of both is to eat brown rice with sweet potato, cinnamon, agave syrup, and raisins. The sugars help spike my insulin levels post workout and the combination is truly delicious!

PS. Remember my post about why you should eat gummy bears after you workout? Same idea! So go sprinkle some gummy bears on top of your white rice and dig in! *

*I’m kidding. Please don’t do this- not only does it sound disgusting but you need well balanced and nutritious meals. Try my suggestion above with the agave syrup instead!

3 thoughts on “Why you should eat WHITE rice

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  3. jncthedc Reply

    Good information for exercise people. High glycemic will drive post workout protein supplement for faster recovery and will help replace glycogen (as you know.) The biggest caveat is for people with insulin sensitivity. Here, the spike will simply increase blood glucose and create a potentially hazardous health condition due to non reactive insulin receptor sites. For the average person, looking to reduce processed foods, they might want to consider that delicious sweet potato you mentioned. You are absolutely right regarding the nutrition analysis. Stay healthy and happy!

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