Why Naked juice smoothies are a rip off

I remember once I was getting breakfast with a friend at Bruegger’s. I got a berry Naked smoothie and a bagel with cream cheese….it cost me almost $9. A drink and a bagel? Really?

Well not only are Naked juices literally an expensive drink choice, they also market themselves in ways to manipulate the consumer. I don’t like giving negative reviews, but for a health conscious consumer, it’s important to be informed. Here’s the inside scoop:

Firstly, in 2013 Pepsico settled a $9 million dollar lawsuit involving their Naked juice brand for making false advertisements of having an “all natural” product despite using GMOs and synthetic ingredients.

Ok so they don’t use all natural products- so what? 

Well, let’s talk about nutritional content. I’ll use the berry smoothie I bought years ago as an example (most smoothies offer similar nutritional content):

One bottle= 320 calories from 80g of carbs (58g fructose)

This means some Naked drinks have more sugar than Pepsi. Ok Pepsi has loads of harmful chemicals, but still that’s a lot of sugar! The sugar in these drinks comes in the form of fructose: Naked has it from fruit, Pepsi has it from high fructose corn syrup.

But Dasha, that’s 3.25 apples, a banana, 27 blueberries, and 3 blackberries!! So good for you!!

….I’m sorry when’s the last time you had 3 apples, a banana, and a cup of berries in one sitting?

Your body can easily process one serving of fruit, and the benefits are great. However, when you ingest 4 servings in one sitting, the body is likely to deposit the excess fructose as fat. Why?

Fructose is only metabolized directly in the liver. It is not the preferred energy source for your brain and muscles. It is more fat-producing, or lipogenic than glucose because of its metabolic pathway. Glucose is our body’s preferred energy source and is what the body breaks down most of our other carbohydrates into.

Moral of the story: Naked juice won’t make you look good Naked, so enjoy in moderation!



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7 thoughts on “Why Naked juice smoothies are a rip off

  1. amandaturner612 Reply

    These are such a ripoff! If you were to actually eat all that fruit in one sitting, your body would be getting lots of fiber to aid in digestion as well.

  2. The Body Forum Reply

    How people think fruit juices are even close to whole fruits nutritionally baffles me, carb after carb after carb with most of the goodness stripped away,

    I didnt realise Naked were that bad though! I may have fallen for their deceptive branding before Haha

    • dashafitness Reply

      Hahaha oh believe me I definitely have! It’s not to say I don’t have smoothies or juices at all (they’re delicious!!!) I’m just more educated!

      • The Body Forum Reply

        we all love a good smoothie when having raw, whole foods especially before a morning run, but they sugars they Contain shouldnt be marketed as healthy if you dont get out and burn the energy!

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