When Summer Hits: Barbecues and Staying on Track

I LOVE barbecues. Nothing is more comforting, relaxing, and delicious than a grill in the summer YUM!

Well today we took out the grill for the first time this season. It was my dad’s birthday so we had a little celebration for him at the house with some company. He was obviously in charge of all the grilling, so when it got to the table everyone scoped out the deliciousness.

The best part about IIFYM or flexible dieting is it allows you to have anything you’d like as long as it fits your macros. However! There are some better choices you can make:

  • grilled chicken
  • turkey burgers
  • grilled vegetables
  • mustard instead of ketchup/bbq sauce
  • go bunless/ make it open face
  • fresh greens instead of coleslaw

And if you’re anything like me, your favorite part of the meal comes last. But even if you’re on a cut, there will ALWAYS be room for cake….or some fresh watermelon/fruit 😉

So remember to save room and account for it in your macros. Every person has their own macro needs, but staying on track at a barbecue isn’t as hard as you think it may be! Have a beer and relax! (Assuming you’re not invited to barbecues every day of the summer, and if you are….that’s awesome, I’m jealous, and congratulations)

I’ll be posting some delicious summer marinades and recipes soon! Happy Summer!

11 thoughts on “When Summer Hits: Barbecues and Staying on Track

  1. willteel Reply

    BBQ’s are amazing. Nothing beats some grilled salmon. I’m so happy that summer is within reach!

  2. Kallum Reply

    Your eating tips are actually awesome! I’m trying new cooking all the time lately haha

    • dashafitness Reply

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you find them helpful! I’d love to try new recipes so if you have any favorites, shoot me an email! I could even help you change it up to be more macro friendly if you’re interested!

      • Kallum Reply

        Haha I will definitely! I don’t eat the cleanest cuz I need all the fats, carbs I can get haha! But definitely will

        • dashafitness Reply

          Haha I’ll try to incorporate some cleaner sources of fats and carbs then into the recipes! I’m all about the 80/20 flexible dieting though so some won’t hurt!!

          • dashafitness

            Ugh trust me, I know. At one point I was eating 3500+ a day and it wasn’t easy!

          • Kallum

            I’ve had to do that! Awful, but I can’t wait till I’m health again!

          • dashafitness

            Yes! Woohoo!! Maybe I’ll post some of my tips for the hard gainers 😉 thanks for the idea!

          • Kallum

            Haha indeed! Eating for hard gainers is the trickiest thing ever! No trouble 🙂

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