What type of bread is best?

White? Whole-Grain? Whole Wheat? Sprouted?

The main difference to establish when deciding between which bread is best for you is the same as I’ve talked about before in my post about white rice vs. brown rice.

White bread has been refined and has the germ and bran removed. This process removes iron, B-vitamins, and fiber. As a result, most white bread is enriched to add these vitamins and minerals back in. Fiber, however, is usually not added back. If you eat a slice of whole wheat bread vs. a slice of white bread, you are likely getting about 1-2g more fiber.

White bread has a higher glycemic index, meaning it spikes your insulin levels more. Is this bad? Depending on your goals- it may not be.

Sprouted grains have a low glycemic index and are supposedly more easily digested because of the way the grains are processed. They are first soaked in water, allowed to sprout, and then ground up.

Watch out for
  • “Multi Grain” or “cracked wheat”or “100% wheat” breads, as this bread likely has white flour
  • Words you can’t pronounce in the nutrition facts
what’s the main difference?

Fiber content (sometimes) & glycemic Index. If you check out the fiber content on white vs. whole wheat english muffins, I often find them to be the exact same…so.

what do I recommend?

As I always preach- eat anything you want, but in moderation. As long as you can pronounce everything in the ingredient list (aka no chemical additives) go for it! A white bread made of wholesome ingredients from a local bakery is much better for you than the 100% whole wheat floppy bread you’ll find in the grocery store.

Personally, I eat this toast every day: Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel 4:9 Bread


3 thoughts on “What type of bread is best?

  1. jncthedc Reply

    Well written. The moderation concept is one I fully believe in. It helps make a nutrition plan for the average person more realistic. Dr. Perlmutter may groan a little based on the gut-brain relationship. I personally, like your writing and advice.

  2. New Journey Reply

    Good post….I avoid white bread if I can….live the heavy whole grain or oat….especially home made….but yeadt products trigger something in me and all I want is more…..so try to avoid if at all possible…

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