Tips on Boosting and Keeping High Testosterone

Remember my post last week on maintaining estrogen levels? Well, thanks to James at  Elation Nation we have a corresponding guest post about testosterone levels for our guys! Check out his blog here, he has some great tips!


How to Boost and Keep Your Testosterone Levels Sky High

For us men, boosting testosterone is one of the main things we strive for. For fitness, it’s mainly due to it’s muscle building properties but for other reasons as well.

These include: stronger bones, less fat, better libido and even an improved mood/emotional health!

… And of course it makes us more mainly 😉 just kidding. (but who wouldn’t want more testosterone?)

Studies have shown that foods or supplementation with Vitamin D and/or Zinc have been proven to increase testosterone levels so it would be a good idea to choose foods that are high in Vitamin D and Zinc.

Foods that are high in Vitamin D include:

  • Fatty Fish
  • Canned Tuna
  • Eggs
  • Milks fortified with Vitamin D
  • And of course (not a food) but sunlight and supplements


Foods that are high in Zinc include:

        • Oysters
        • Beef
        • Lamb
        • Spinach
        • Nuts and Seeds
        • Chicken
        • Beans


Start eating a bunch of these foods and you’re already one step ahead of the game!

Now, as much as these things are good to put into your body, there are some things that you should AVOID if you want to increase and keep your testosterone high.

These include:

As it’s very hard on your internal organs and very estrogenic. This is not to say you should never drink again but studies show that even two drinks a day is enough to decrease testosterone levels. Moderation is key with this one!


Lack of sleep
We all know that sleep is essential as our bodies repair and recover during this important time. Getting enough sleep will make sure those testosterone levels keep climbing and staying at optimal levels!


This sometimes cannot be avoided and while some stress is good and can increase productivity, too much of it does the complete opposite. Stress is a major cause of physical/emotional illness and will also decrease testosterone levels due to the increase of cortisol levels which block the increase of testosterone.

Now that you know what to avoid, here are some things that you should DO to increase testosterone levels:

        • Exercise (this is obvious)
        • Eat well (and the foods listed above)
        • Sleep well
        • Have sex
        • Avoid stress – Practicing yoga/meditation etc can help with this

Now that you know what to do to boost and keep your testosterone levels high, let’s see those gains happen!


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