The Plain and Simple: Losing Weight vs. Gaining Weight

Our bodies have been mathematically and scientifically studied for years, but the basic science to transforming your body is simple enough for anyone to follow.

So many people ask “How can I lose weight?” or “How do I get toned?”

Getting to your goals is not as complicated as you may think. It’s plain and simple folks:

Caloric deficit=weight loss, caloric surplus=weight gain

I believe in cutting, bulking, and maintenance phases vs. what some people call “lose weight and gain muscle” or “tone”. In my opinion these three phases are easiest to follow instead of trying to do both at the same time. You can lose fat to expose the muscle underneath or you can build new muscle while being on a caloric surplus. It won’t make you fat to be on a surplus (and if you don’t believe me check out my progress pictures where I did almost 3 months of lifting and no cardio here).

Too many girls restrict themselves to a low calorie diet because they’re afraid of gaining weight but are shocked that they’re not getting the “toned” look they want. Well, how do you plan on building muscle without fueling your body?

Training is only a part of the problem. Proper nutrition is the key to getting to your goals efficiently.

Ask yourself, are you reaching the goals you want? If not, look at your diet first.

4 thoughts on “The Plain and Simple: Losing Weight vs. Gaining Weight

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  2. Chelsey Brooke Hallblade Reply

    Great post Dasha! Diet is definitely the part most of us struggle with as far as achieving the look we want! We need to look at what we are putting into our bodies!

  3. Kallum Reply

    Reblogged this on MuckerFitness and commented:
    I’ve always wondered how to help people understand the basics of weight loss and weight gain… It is simple. Make sure it’s maintainable, and not just a quick fix, this article is brilliant for showing you just that!

  4. slowmotionsmile Reply

    This is so true! When I started lifting I slowly gained almost 5kg while looking better and better. I believe everybody should train for the mirror instead of the scale and girls should stop obsessing about cardio and grab some weights to get nice and toned!

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