Target Says No To Junk and Yes to Healthy Foods

Target’s new Chief Executive, Brian Cornell, made the decision to start emphasizing healthier products instead of packaged foods. He brought together representatives from big brands like General Mills, Kellogg, and Campbell Soups to let them know they may be seeing a decrease in sales in the near future.

Target will no longer be spending as much money or effort to promote packaged products, and will instead be focusing on featuring healthier products. 

Why the sudden change? Cornell noticed a new trend: customers prefer quality health products at reasonable prices. In a recent interview he said: “That doesn’t mean that mac and cheese is being eliminated, but clearly assortment is being shaped around what consumers are looking for” (1).

What does this mean for us, the consumer? It means we’ll be seeing healthier products in advertisements and sales. The shelving will probably be changed so the healthy options are at eye level and the junk food will be moved to less favorable areas. We may see less variety in these big brands, i.e. 3 flavor options instead of 5. Have you noticed any changes yet at your local branch?

I’m not surprised Target is “going healthy”, and I’m actually quite surprised it took them this long to see the trend. I could have predicted this “healthy eating trend” 5 years ago, but I guess they now have the data to support their decisions.

Bravo Target! Will Walmart be next? 

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(1) Wall Street Journal

5 thoughts on “Target Says No To Junk and Yes to Healthy Foods

  1. whocareskayleigh Reply

    I have noticed that Target has added more healthy foods to their grocery section! I’m so excited about this- will only encourage others to do the same 🙂

  2. Amanda B. Reply

    I love when big companies show they truly care about their customers and not just the bottom line! Love that you are sharing current news/ events, it makes your posts very relatable and interesting 🙂 It’s very important to know what is happening in the world of health and fitness!

    • dashafitness Reply

      That’s for your comment Amanda I’ll be sure to post more about current news if I see something good 🙂

  3. fitnessjenn Reply

    I love this! Unfortunately I don’t live super close to a Target so I don’t shop there all the time (which maybe that’s a good thing since I would probably go broke lol)

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