REVIEW: Performix ION Preworkout

Have you ever used a pre workout?

I don’t know about you but after a long day at work, I feel like I need one. Lucky for me I was selected to review the Performix ION Preworkout powder in Ice Punch. I was so excited to try some samples of their products to test the extended release Terra Intelligent Beads and see if the patented formula actually worked.

Well, if you’re looking for something with long lasting energy- this is it! I was skeptical of their Terra Beads but low and hold, I remember the specific moment in the middle of my workout when I had a second burst of energy. I felt rejuvenated and pushed through harder than I could have otherwise. I found myself at the gym longer and remember coming home smiling and saying “wow that was a great workout”. It also didn’t leave me with moodiness or a crash afterwards like I’ve experienced with other pre workouts.

As for the ingredient profile, each scoop contains 175mg Caffeine, compared to a more typical 135 mg in Cellucor’s C4. Still pretty low for me so I would probably use 1.5 scoops in the future. HCL is a higher quality creatine source compared to the typical monohydrate, which is nice to see. Beta-alanine for muscular endurance, reducing fatigue and those itchy tingles. Citrulline malate 2:1 and yohimbine for delaying fatigue and for pumps. Synephrine for higher rate rate and energy.

Mixability: 10/10 You’ll see the beads floating and they don’t dissolve leaving a pretty granular texture. It mixes as well as it can given the beads.

Taste: 8/10 I’m not a fan of fruit punch flavors but I could tolerate this just as much as any other fruit punch flavor.

Effectiveness: 9/10 Kept me energized and focused, but it’s pretty tame for someone with a caffeine tolerance. I would rate higher if I didn’t have to use more than one scoop per serving.

Value: 8/10 On the higher end of the market for sure. However, if you’re looking for an overall basic pre workout with the long lasting spin, this may be a good option for you.

Overall I would recommend trying Performix if you’re looking for sustained energy throughout your workout.

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Performix ION Preworkout

  1. jncthedc Reply

    You are absolutely correct. A good pre-workout quality product will help increase the duration and potential intesity of a workout. Just wish they didn’t use artificial coloring and artificial sweetners. Love the way you layed out the various protein sources as well. Hope your training is progressing well.

    • dashafitness Reply

      I agree! It’s hard to find a really clean product, but in that case you’re best taking a stimulant free preworkout with a few shots of espresso- haha!! Thanks for your kind words- hope all is well 🙂

  2. cristinatrecate Reply

    Hey! I really like your blog 🙂 I always had an issue with pre-workouts since I never liked the taste of fruity flavors (more of a chocolate person myself) so finding one I can stomach is always an issue. Do you know of any that are still effective but not gross-flavored?

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