Packing Fit Gear for Travel

I’m off to visit my grandmother and family these next 10 days in Virginia! I have another shoot coming up when I get back so I’ll have to try to stick to my A-game while I’m away. I’ll be staying with my grandmother which means I get to grocery shop and cook for myself when I please, even though she is more than happy to cook for me 🙂 We’ll also be going out to dinner, having sit-down dinners with the family, and having BBQs (YUM!) so I can’t wait!

If you’re traveling for work or visiting family, consider packing these to keep you motivated: 

Just think:

You carried it ALL the way to your destination, are you really not going to use them?

I categorized what I will need into 2 categories, Fitness & Food:

  1. Fitness: Where will I be working out? I looked up the local gym near my grandmother’s house and signed up for a 1 week membership. This means I will need:
    1. Gym clothes & sneakers
    2. Headphones
    3. Shaker
  2. Food: What will be available? As I said, I can grocery shop for essentials so I only packed snacks and supplements…maybe too many. Better to be prepared! I know I can get any grocery essentials I will need, but with grandma’s cooking who knows if I’ll even need to. I did make sure to have:
    1. Protein bars
    2. Protein powder: Whey and Casein
    3. Supplements: BCAAs, Vitamins, Fish Oil

What essentials do you pack when you’re traveling?

3 thoughts on “Packing Fit Gear for Travel

    • dashafitness Reply

      Yes same here! I was at the beach this weekend and will be spending time at the pool for the rest of the week haha! Thank you!

  1. Heather Reply

    I have to start planning for my camping trip this weekend. I planned on going for a run and some hiking too 🙂 But until I read your post I NEVER even thought about packing gym clothes 🙁 It never came across my mind (apparently I’m new -_- lol). Anyways, thanks for the post and reminding me that I WILL need something to run in 😉

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