Motivation Monday: Something is better than nothing

Small successes should be celebrated.

It’s been two weeks since I started my program. I wasn’t strict about hitting my macros the first week which really delayed my progress. The second week I made sure to hit them more and I went up a little more than half a pound. I look the same basically so I won’t post progress pictures.

On one side, small progress is disappointing. You put in a lot of time and work, but don’t see the results you want to.

On the other side, you made progress! Yay for moving in the right direction, putting in good work and making some strides.

In the end, something is better than nothing. There is no failure in progress, no matter how small. A small success should be more motivation to move forward, because if you continue doing what you are, you will see the result you’d like. Being patient is annoying, but patience will get you to your goals.

This week don’t let’s focus on practicing patience. Be happy where you are now and be happy with the direction you’re going in. Embrace your journey and learn love every step!

9 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Something is better than nothing

  1. wordsnpaint Reply

    Love the statement “there is no failure in progress”. That can be applied to so many areas in life. Great post!

  2. kturnerlife Reply

    Well said — slow progress is still progress. I love your journey and your writing style. I enjoy getting to know you. Best of Luck and well wishes as you move toward your goal!

  3. Jocelynne Flor Reply

    Love this mindset! Enjoy the process rather than just trying to attain the end goal and the results will come 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • dashafitness Reply

      Thanks Jocelynne! It’s all about loving where you are at every step 🙂

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