Motivation Monday: Personal Accomplishments

I saw this image this week on the Berry and thought it’d be perfect for motivation Monday! It’s hard not to compare yourself to others and think “I’m not as ___ as ____”. We all do it, and if you don’t….you’re lying. Kidding, because if you actually don’t that’s great! For the rest of us who are guilty of having thoughts like this let’s think of some ways to fix them.

The problem is these thoughts bring out only the positives in another person, and only the negatives with yourself. (Not fair!)

Let’s rephrase your thought process to make comparisons more beneficial.

Instead of saying: “Her body is so much better than mine, I’m so much less attractive” think: “Her body IS great, but I have so much to be happy with myself for”

Remember, working out is a way to thank your body, not to punish it for looking a certain way. So write down three things you’re happy with, and let that positivity guide your week! No more negative comparisons!

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