Motivation Monday: Back on Track

When I took a week off…. (& July Goals!!)
^post holiday break

We all have had these irrational fears: one extra cheat meal, one extra rest day, this extra slice of pizza, etc. will keep me from reaching my goals.

Stop right there. One thing, two things, three things, heck ten things will not keep you from reaching your goals, BUT giving up on them will.

I admit it, with the long weekend I haven’t been to the gym in a week. I’ve spent the past week not tracking any of my meals, drinking like a girl who just turned 21, and being a beach bum (…literally every day…even when it was raining). Basically, I’ve been living the life of a college girl on vacation. It was awesome. It was not goal-orientated, but it was rejuvenating. It was….motivating?

^3/1000 of the delicious things we ate this week

Did I gain five lbs from eating out every day, ice cream, and alcohol? No. Did I lose gains from not lifting? No.

After this long holiday weekend I’m back and ready than ever.

We had our relaxing weekend, now it’s time to come back and kill it! With the start of the new month, set your goals for July and accomplish them!

My goals in July are to smile more often and to hit new PRs.

What are your goals this July?

2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Back on Track

  1. New Journey Reply

    Must be in the air….everyone is giving it the all in today….it was a great weekend however I counted and did okay…but right back at it…and new goals set for the month….

  2. hannahkcandy Reply

    Thats exactly the way it should be! I had a ‘cheat meal’ yesterday and it freaked me out a bit but realised like you, it will not ruin your goals! All about balance. This is exactly what I needed to read today so thank you 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your holidays x

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