Motivation Monday

Embracing where you are now and making the steps you need to achieve your goals

Since I’ve ended my last program about a month ago, I’ve been taking a break from sticking to a routine at the gym. In a way this has led to me to be in a maintenance phase. By the looks of it during this time I’ve stayed about the same weight but have leaned out a bit indicating muscle gain and fat loss.

I took this “time off” from focused training because I was finishing up with school, traveling, and starting a new job. Now that I’ve adjusted to my new daily routines I’m ready to start focusing on my training again.

Today I said:

This is the week I’m going to keep going. This is the week I’m going to make the changes I want to.

I came up with a 4 day training routine, checked in to adjust my macros, and am ready to kill it this month. I’m going to take pictures to track my progress because the scale is an inaccurate portrayal of progress.

I’ll share my progress pictures biweekly because I want to be real. I won’t always make progress but I will be better than yesterday. I will be making an effort.

Follow me, make changes today, and join in an ongoing journey to health and self-appreciation!

8 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. jncthedc Reply

    People will appreciate how hard you work even more by adding the phrase, “I won’t always make progress but I will be better than yesterday.” It shows you’re human and that success is achieved by following the journey. Bumps are simply a natural process we all experience. Looking forward to hearing about your routines and your progress. Good luck.

  2. nutrition mate Reply

    I’m excited for you 🙂
    I always think about putting photos of my progress (or lack of progress) just to motivate myself but I always change my mind. I tend to postpone documentation 😛
    But this time I promised myself that I will post my progress photos every month during the summer. Even if it doesn’t show any progress 😛

    • dashafitness Reply

      Good! It’s such a great motivator even if I don’t make progress. It’s about the transformation mentally and physically to be happier!

    • dashafitness Reply

      You’re welcome! It’s exactly what I needed to write today too ☺️

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