Motivation Monday

I usually gear my Motivation Mondays around topics that are appearing in my own life. This weeks theme is going to be dedicated to the haters. Those people who don’t support you, who don’t believe in you, who talk about you negatively, or who make fun of you. Sorry for dedicating this post to their negativity, but some negativity pushes us towards positivity right? It’s really hard not to be hurt by other people’s jokes or opinions of you. Focus on what makes YOU happy. If you are bettering yourself then it should not matter what other people think. We’ve all had a negative comment made towards us in the past that has resonated with us. Some of those things we have changed, some don’t need to be changed, and some we want to change. This week, write down two things you have “haters” for and how you’re going to prove them wrong. Unfortunately some of us are our own haters and we don’t realize it (ex. ever looked in the mirror and hyper focused on a flaw?).

This is the week we are going to change how we want to change. We are going to be the person we want to be.

Here’s mine as an example (p.s. Have you listened to Brené Brown‘s Vulnerability TedTalk?):

1) Haters: “#fitfam #gainz #fitness…..#hardo #loser”

I have a lot of people my age telling me my blog and Instagram are weird. If I actually cared, I wouldn’t be writing this today. I focus on what makes ME happy. Helping and educating others while holding myself accountable makes me happy and motivates me to be a better person. That’s not weird to me. I have a passion, I am accomplishing my goals, and I am helping others. So what?

Proving wrong: I really hope to show my client’s progress and work on developing a brand/image. (Quick shoutout to everyone I’m working with who are killing their goals, losing weight and getting stronger- woohoo! Keep it up!)

2) Haters: “you’re too (insert any adj. here: fat, skinny, muscular, etc.)”

Good. At least I’m not a judgmental hater. I am not trying to conform under a stereotype. I am trying to be better than I was yesterday.

Proving wrong: Continuing my diet and exercise plans to reach the goals I have set for me!

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  1. jncthedc Reply

    If writing to help others improve their quality of life makes you “weird”, I hope to accompany you in this classification. Never let the “noise” of others interfere with your focus. A kind heart always wins out.

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