Motivation Monday

This weekend marked the end of the lifting routine I was following with a four day split (chest, shoulders, back, legs). 11 weeks of lifting and no cardio. Here are the results:

As I mentioned in my stretching post, I made it a goal in May to incorporate more stretching and yoga into my routine. I will be switching to a three day split (upper body/lower body/abs) and incorporating more yoga classes (something I’ve always loved!).

Just because one of my programs ended doesn’t mean I am done. I will always make my health and wellness a priority in my life. I don’t “give up” on my health. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Never give up on yourself.

14 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Rebecca Reply

    Very inspiring, thanks! I’ve switched to more lifting/less gym-type cardio (but still getting plenty of outdoor physical activity – hiking and biking because that’s what I love) and am noticing rapid, meaningful changes in my upper body. It’s so motivating!

    • dashafitness Reply

      Awesome! It makes such a difference I’m glad you’re happy with your progress! Keep it up woohoo!!

  2. jncthedc Reply

    Success is not measured incrementally; it is measured by the path chosen, the people you’ve helped a long the way and the happiness this path has achieved. You are on an amazing path at an incredibly young age. I look forward to watching you surpass me on your journey. Keep smiling!

    • dashafitness Reply

      Everyone’s journey is different and cannot be compared I am sure you have achieved things I will never! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

  3. Heather Reply

    I do a similar 3 day split. I work upper then lower with my personal trainer (unless she decides full body killing for two days) and then my third is usually bi’s/tri’s/shoulders/abs. I then make sure I do at least one day of yoga and try to incorporate 3 running days… how I get a rest day in is beyond my understanding lol. Glad to see you had such great results!

    • dashafitness Reply

      Yep! I’m switching to a 3 day split instead of the 4 day I was doing before. Now I’ll be hitting upper, lower, and abs. Would love to hear if you have experience with this type of split, I’m excited to see what it will do!

      • Kallum Reply

        I used to do that, like I struggled with my leg sessions as I prefer to split them into quadriceps and hamstrings, but I loved super setting my bench press with bent over rows and this really left me gasping but my muscles felt it as well!

        • dashafitness Reply

          Nice!! That’s awesome, good to hear! I think the results should be similar but just not as much concentrated muscle growth and more of a slow bulk- that’s my goal at least 🙂

          • Kallum

            Indeed, less days means it may take longer, but use compound sets and supersets to add intensity and keep fat low whilst adding muscle!

          • dashafitness

            Yep! That’s the summer plan!! More beach time please haha!

          • Kallum

            I’d be interested in seeing some of your routines! You should share some 🙂

          • dashafitness

            Sure! I’ll try to type something up for later this week or early next week!

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