Let’s De-Stress…

Reading your Body before your Mind

The other day my cousin told us the entire week of finals in college she would get massive headaches every day. Later that evening my friend Emily told me how she never knows she’s stressed until she’s clenching her teeth so hard that she can’t chew.

It got me thinking…how can we better recognize our emotions before our bodies have to give us a physical response?

And the example doesn’t end with stress. We all know what it feels like to snap. You bottle it up until…

So how can we read our minds before our bodies have to react for us?

1) Practicing mindfulness

2) Remove yourself from the situation mentally and assess your state of emotions

3) Exercise! Even something as simple as taking a walk may help clear your head.

Take a break this weekend and focus on de-stressing. There’s a happy medium to be reached with stress: enough to push you, but not enough to affect your body physically. Have you found the balance?

4 thoughts on “Let’s De-Stress…

  1. Sascha Tayefeh Reply

    Good article. I’ve been de-stressing myself for six months now using quite similar techniques. It actually works and I am feeling much better now.

  2. megannbaughman13 Reply

    I would be in heaven if I could learn to de-stress before the physical symptoms. I’m like your friend who doesn’t know they are stressed until their jaw hurts so bad they can’t chew. I also get twitches in my face. Will work on this!

    • dashafitness Reply

      Oh no!! Ugh it’s so hard to de stress I’ll have to think of some more ideas!!

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