Lack of Motivation?

Week 8

These past couple of weeks I’ve been plateauing motivation wise because I’ve gotten past the “beginner gains” phase that beginner lifters often experience. Plus it was my 21st birthday so…obviously no gains there! I actually knew I was going to plateau, I read all about it. But now that it’s actually happening…what do I do?!

Well, whenever I have a lack of motivation I find that one thing helps me. Taking pictures. It’s weird but something about taking a picture really puts things into a new view for me. It reminds me how far I’ve come and how much more I can do.

I took this picture today on my way out to the gym for my “fitstagram” account @dashafitness . It was SO sweet and nice to see all the compliments from my Instagram followers!

Then my day got even better when I got to the gym! (I go to planet fitness – judge me – but this explains why I am talking to a 70 yr old man in the story)

So as I’m about to start doing my step ups an old man comes over signaling me to take out my ear phones. He asked me if I was a dancer or a gymnast because my physique looked like I did. Well, I used to dance when I was younger but I sure as heck didn’t look like I do now. This came from lifting sir! He was so sweet for complimenting me he told me to keep up the good work because it sure is paying off! HOW AWESOME AND CUTE!! Love you lil ole man woohoo planet fitness for life!!

THEN I started thinking…we often times compare ourselves to others but we need to start focusing more on ourselves. Are you being or doing better than yesterday? What’s one positive thing about your day? I admit, sometimes I find myself feeling envious of others…what I really should be is happy for others. So tomorrow I will focus on feeling happy for other’s strength, not envious of their success. I have my own success to be proud of !!

5 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation?

  1. eatmediumrare Reply

    The interesting part about eating well and putting in work is that it immediately confirms your decision to do so as an excellent one. Getting a good workout in always feels great. Stuffing yourself full of pop-tarts and pizza always feels terrible. I think that the best way to get motivated is to just start doing it, even if you don’t want to, because in a little bit, you WILL want to. 🙂

    Also, that old man’s got mad game.

    • dashafitness Reply

      Exactly!! A bad workout is better than no workout 😉 and hahaha!!

  2. jncthedc Reply

    For 21 (btw happy birthday) your maturity exceeds 90% in your age group. You have an excellent outlook on life and will succeed as you move forward. It is important to stay focused on yourself. Be the judge and determine whether you are satisfied with the direction of life. NEVER compare yourself, because your happiness will never be based on the achievement of others; it will be based on self achievement. I see a magnificent future for you if you continue to stay on the path you have chosen.

    • dashafitness Reply

      Thank you so much!! Your words are so wise and kind! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog! 🙂

  3. ajayshah162 Reply

    The last paragraph is brilliantly written! Great post!! I agree pictures help to put things in perspective much better. Initially I was apprehensive about posting pictures but then gave it a green signal. Now I think that posting pictures motivate me much more at least in the initial stage of trying to reach my goal.

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