Is Lactose Free Milk Healthier than Regular?

When I was younger I had a lactose intolerance but thankfully it went away a few years after. Low and behold…it’s back. For the past year certain brands of dairy products, all cheese, and milk have given me extreme pains. It’s different for everyone but I experience sharp stabbing pains in the stomach for a few hours after consumption leaving me in an immobile state.

How is a lactose free made?

Any lactose free product is typically made simply by adding lactase enzymes to break down the lactose and make it easier for the body to digest. Basically, instead of taking a lactose pill before you eat dairy it’s already been put into the product.

Is Lactaid healthier than regular milk?

Lactaid 1%: 110 cals 2.5F (1.5SF) 13C 8P
Regular 1%: 110 cals 2.5F (1.5SF) 13C 8P

Basically…it’s the same thing.

However, there are some brands that have better macros than the rest. Here is one brand I’ve recently found that is lactose free and has great macros:

Fairlife 2%: 120 cals 4.5F (4SF) 6C 13P
Fairlife FatFree: 80 cals 0F 6C 13P

I’ve never actually tried this milk, but I’m planning on it! Has anyone else tried this brand?

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  1. NPF Reply

    I have never tried lactose free dairy milk – but I highly recommend almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or my personal favorite unsweetened almond/coconut blend.

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