How to be a better support system

We often get caught up in our own lives and forget to give back to those that mean the most to us. If you have a friend or family member going through a tough time, check out these tips to make sure you’re being a good support system.

1) Be educated with what your friend is going through. Are they feeling unmotivated? Brainstorm or research ideas with them on what is causing this and how to fix it. Do they have a certain medical condition? Read up on the illness and try to better understand what they are going through. Whatever the struggle, make sure you’re properly informed on how they are feeling and how you can help.

2) Volunteer your time for others. Does your friend need help getting to the grocery store? Offer a ride, offer to pick things up for them, or offer to watch the kids for some time.

3) Maybe your friend just needs a friend. Someone who will come over to watch TV with them even if they already had other plans.

4) Just listen and acknowledge whatever they say. You don’t always have to be talking about their problem so try not to bring it up or give advice unless they ask for it. Try texting them randomly about a funny movie you just saw that made you think of them, not texting them about their feelings.

Whatever you do just try not to be a fake support system. Someone I call a fake supporter offers their help because it clears their conscience and makes them feel better. A fake supporter is someone who says “I’m here for you no matter what!!” and doesn’t talk to the other unless to ask them more about how their problems are doing.

A good support is someone who will actually do something to help. So take action today and reach out to a friend or family member in need. Don’t just text them saying I’m here for you to talk about their problem. Ask them over for dinner this week to catch up.

The best kind of people build other people up

3 thoughts on “How to be a better support system

  1. fellochrist Reply

    This is an excellent message Dasha! Acknowledging those who have pushed you up, and pointing to them as the reason for success is the best feeling in the world, as I’m sure you know! Great post 🙂

  2. Jennifer Reply

    Love this, though being a friend to someone overseas who you only tall to via text means the only contact is a text asking if they’re ok and that you are there for them.
    I try

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