How do I start lifting?

Getting Comfortable with the Weight Room: Beginner Feelings


When I first started lifting I couldn’t help but feel awkward in the weight room. It’s hard for a female to make the transition to the weight room. You’re surrounded by testosterone and might be feeling a little lost or intimidated.

The hardest part for me was struggling to lift 15 lb dumbbells for my shoulder press next to a guy breezing through 65 lbs.

I don’t think anyone likes to feel weak. However, there are 3 main things that got me through the weight room:

1) Dress to Impress: Mirrors surround the weight room…you’re going to be looking at yourself whether you like it or not. Looking good will motivate you to do better.

2) Ask for Help: Confidence is Key. I know I’m a beginner and could be doing it wrong. Ask for help and show that you’re just as determined to reach your fitness goals as anyone else.

3) Be Determined: Use any feelings of weakness to fuel your training. You WILL get stronger. You WILL get better. Just stay determined.

Go ahead and get in there! You can do it!

Do you remember your first day in the weight room? What was it like?

11 thoughts on “How do I start lifting?

  1. jessdaniel34 Reply

    When I first started, I would use light weights in the gym at my apartment building, so I didn’t feel odd unless too many people were around, but it was only when I had my first training session with my awesome trainer that I felt more confident. She created a fitness plan for me, incorporating the different machines and weights, and I feel much more comfortable in the gym now!

  2. TechChucker Reply

    I lucked out. I played football in High School so my coach taught all of us how to use all the machines and how to do all the free weights. Now, however, I’m back to having to get back into the weight lifting game and there are lifts that I’m not comfortable with such as dead lifts, clean & jerk, squats, etc that I’m just not doing because I too feel intimidated. I’m not a big dude and I don’t feel I fit the typical mold, so yeah, I let that get in my head quite often. #2 is something I really need to do so I can make sure I’m going to do some of these things right.

    • dashafitness Reply

      It’s hard not to! You just have to remember we all are in that boat at some point and I keep telling myself the only way out is to go for it and try it! Good luck with your training!

      • TechChucker Reply

        What I really need is a lifting partner. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone I know, has zero interest in working out. Like zero. 🙂

        • dashafitness Reply

          So true! Lifting partners are great to have. Maybe you can meet someone at your gym once you start reaching out!!

        • Fan of the Atkins diet Reply

          If you go to the gym at the same time I’d day, you’ll notice other people that are in the same boat at the same time. Ask them if they want to work out together. Done it all my life, and have made some great friends over time that way.

          • TechChucker

            You’re assuming I don’t have social anxiety and am super comfortable with myself… 🙂 Total excuses, but there again is another thing I need to work on. I am really good at fixing computers though… so I’m not inept at everything in life. ha ha.

    • jessdaniel34 Reply

      Maybe try smiling at someone first/ regular eye contact; if they seem to respond, and you see them a few times a week, you could start by saying hi, and asking them something – maybe about their workout. You could build up to it! And then, it’ll be easy to approach more people. If they don’t want to talk to you, and you’re just being pleasant and friendly, remember that you have nothing to feel weird about, and your new friend might be one of the next people you meet! I’ve recently started to expand my circle of friends lately too, and it does take a lot of work/ time to build good friendships.

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