High Protein Low Fat Carrot Cake Oats

High Protein Low Fat Carrot Cake Oats

For all of those who saw and left feedback on my post the other day- thank you! I’m in the works of revamping dashafitness, so I will keep you all posted!

In the meantime, I’m sitting here at the end of work trying to think of a unique recipe to share and since I’m constantly craving sweets I decided this ooey gooey breakfast treat would be the perfect one this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.07.04 PM


Cook your oats with ~3/4 cup water, egg whites, carrots, and raisins * to consistency of choice in the microwave, stirring once cooked. Add scoop of protein powder and stir. Top with stevia, cinnamon, syrup to taste!

*The egg whites add a little volume, texture, and extra protein to the oats but are optional!

**Can substitute vanilla protein powder

Macros (depending on protein powder used): 3F 36C 36P

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