Healthy Breakfast Pita Pizza: Under 250 cals!

My apologies for posting two breakfast recipes in a row but this was SO yummy and easy I had to share with you guys! I make pita pizzas a lot and you’ll probably be seeing more varieties.

Here’s the breakfast pita pizza I made as a snack today:

Cook the egg whites (in microwave or stovetop). Heat up the breakfast sausage. Steam the kale a bit to soften it. Toast the pita bread*. Spread hummus on toasted pita, top with kale, tomatoes, egg whites, and crumbled breakfast sausage!

* Can be done in a toaster oven, oven, or if you toast two sides in a regular toaster

Macros: (210cals) 6 F, 13 C, 26 P

4 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Pita Pizza: Under 250 cals!

  1. Your Big Reply

    Classic kappa making pita pizza 😉 ALSO YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget us little people when you become a fitness celeb hehe

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      Hahahah I know I can’t get enough!!Thanks Jackie love you!

  2. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains Reply

    This great as a low calorie meal! Although, I will say that it seems a bit heavy for a breakfast. Just my personal take, like I rather avoid heavy things like humus and sausage. I’d say it fits more as a lunch or if somebody needs as a post workout meal!

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