Goals and Gifts: Motivation Monday

In my opinion gifts are a very important part of setting goals. Rewarding yourself for your goals is something that shouldn’t be pushed aside. It will push you, motivate you, make you feel better, and remind you that hard work pays off. You shouldn’t need to wait on someone else to validate your personal progress.

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One of the things I did today as motivation was make a list of everything I currently have my eye on. Based on their value, I assigned appropriate goals to them. When I reach the goal, I can gift myself this item. The concept is easy, but the idea is very important and should not be forgotten! Here are some example goals and gifts…

Example goals:

  • Gain/loss 2lbs muscle/fat
  • Hit (__lbs) for a PR
  • Get to the gym 4 times this week
  • Avoid all negative body image thoughts for a week

Example gifts:

  • Wireless Headphones
  • Specialty Products (protein peanut butter, protein bars, expensive brands, etc.)
  • New expensive workout gear (sneakers, Lululemon, Nike, etc.) See Dress for Success Post!
  • Mani/Pedi
  • Expensive dinner

Remember to set smaller term, achievable goals as well as long term bigger goals. Get that new product you’ve been wanting and reach a goal in the process of buying it!

What are some of your goals and rewards? Share them below!

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