GMOs: Why it’s a misleading label

Today I was listening to NPR on my way to work. I’m not sure if this is the exact article I was listening to, but basically it was talking about how GMO labeling is increasingly becoming a misleading label.

As you know, GMO means Genetically Modified Organism. There is no scientific evidence saying that GMOs are detrimental to your health. This is because scientists just configure the DNA of an organism to yield a more desirable offspring. They are basically helping to speed up the evolution of the plant, which is a natural process.

“The world’s leading scientists say GMOs are safe” – NPR

The misconception has to do with the confusion between GMO vs. organic labeling, and believe me…marketers are taking advantage of this.

93% of Americans voted that they want a GMO label…but is that really what they want? A non-GMO labeled product can be laced with more pesticides than it’s  GMO equivalent.

What consumers should be looking for is the Organic label. Organic products are already non-GMO by definition.

This confusion has resulted in companies labeling their products as non-GMO to increase profits, when in reality…the only known harmful ingredients are still there.

Don’t be deceived by marketing schemes and be informed about your next purchase! GMO’s shouldn’t be the priority for labeling, but pesticides should be.

I support Organic labels and don’t focus on GMO labels. How about you?

7 thoughts on “GMOs: Why it’s a misleading label

  1. will Reply

    At this point I am scared of all of these labels. I’m tempted to grow my own in a garden in the backyard using unmodified genetically seeds. I saw a 60 minutes piece that stated that even seeds have been genetically altered and cross pollinated so many times that the term organic may not even apply anymore in most cases.

  2. jncthedc Reply

    I agree that organic is the best way to go. The problem with GMO’s are the science. Some of the conclusions reached were based on a timeframe that was too short to see detrimental results. There is research demonstrating significant disease (polycystic disease) in mice, but after the timeframe the study was concluded. In addition we have not clearly studied the effects of the foods and their ability to alter our DNA. On a common sense level, if these products were safe and healthy, why wouldn’t the manufacturers insist that their products be labeled GMO informing the consumer that they are buying the healthiest genetically engineered product available? Remember, cigarettes were recommended as healthy products by doctors years age. DDT was sprayed directly on children to “protect them.” It takes decades in many cases for the truth to be revealed. It happens well after the damage is done to the consumer and the profits are deposited into big business bank accounts.

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      I guess the problem is there is no data to prove either to be true. All studies seem to have something wrong with it. Doctors and companies also preached that fat is bad for us and then they said carbs are to blame for obesity in the U.S. There will always be marketing schemes, but it is important to be educated on the current status of these studies to make the right purchases for your beliefs 🙂

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