Dress for Success At the Gym

One thing you may not have noticed is that the cardio section of the gym often doesn’t have mirrors where are the lifting area is surrounded by them.

Why? Because no one wants to watch themselves do cardio…it’s bad enough already.

Just kidding, it’s because when lifting weights the number one rule to prevent injury is proper form. Thus, it’s actually important to be looking at yourself.

Whether doing cardio or lifting weights I always feel more motivated in a great outfit. When I look good, I feel good, and I perform better.

I can’t remember the last time I wore an ill fitting cotton tee and baggy sweatpants to the gym. Now I’m not saying women should dress in all spandex and men should wear tight muscle tees.

What I am saying is wear something that makes you feel good. That’s all.

For me that includes some Lululemon or Nike apparel. I like to wear tighter clothes because I don’t always like my clothes moving up or down if I start jumping or doing pushups/crunches. I’ve really become quite picky honestly.

Do you dress for success at the gym?

7 thoughts on “Dress for Success At the Gym

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  3. idiotinthegym Reply

    Sometimes, I see some people who come into the gym dressed in completely Inappropriate clothing. Having said that, from a purely personal point of view, I have to admit that there is a lot of motivation to be gleaned from those who come to the gym and look fantastic… both guys *and* gals!

  4. kaitlynpeay Reply

    Totally agree! I feel like I buy more workout clothes now than ever! Wearing cute stuff motivates me to keep pushing forward and makes me feel much more confident than if I wear baggy stuff that makes me look boxy!

  5. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains Reply

    Eh I will say this men’s stretchy pants are pretty darn good. Also gains are way more visible for legs that way!

    I will disclaim this for both genders: while wearing some sorta compression material squat in mirror, and make sure you can’t see your skin. (Especially the booty angle) Your spotter aint tryna stare right through your back side while squatting! *ugh bleh*

  6. LloydRosen Reply

    I wear shorts and a tighter tank top because I sweat a lot when I hit the heavy bag or HIIT. Nothing worse than baggy clothes at the gym!

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