Diet Myth: Don’t eat past 7pm

Once I stopped by my aunt Olga’s house (can you tell my family is Russian?) in the late afternoon to drop some things off. We started chatting and it was nearing 5:30. “Are you staying for dinner Dasha? I have to eat before 6pm, it’s this diet I’m on…I can’t eat anything past 6pm”…..

Have you heard of this “6/7/8/9pm diet”? Restricting you of when you have to stop eating for the day?

There is no scientific evidence that eating past a certain hour or at a certain hour will make you gain weight. Weight gain occurs when you eat in caloric surplus.

Ex. If my maintenance calories for the day was 2,000. It doesn’t matter if I ate 10 200 cal meals throughout the day, just in 2 meals, all at midnight, or all at 3:48pm.

There’s no point in changing when you eat, it’s about what you eat and how much of it.

I eat between 500-1000cals every day around midnight and don’t have any problems. Why? Because the time of day doesn’t matter.

Eating past a certain hour isn’t the problem, overeating is.

16 thoughts on “Diet Myth: Don’t eat past 7pm

  1. glam2gurl Reply

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    great advice….its all about WHAT you eat and in moderation!!! Today i had popcorn around 9pm…lol. However 4 dinner i had miso soup and salad!

  2. ameesh11 Reply

    Hello Dasha, overeating is definitely a problem, agree on that. I also believe that time of eating is as important as how much and what to eat. Let me explain.
    Lots of people dont eat anything after sunset. Our bodies are biological machines and have a clock of their own, often linked with the day and night cycle. So there are hours when our bodies are naturaly more active and there are hours when our bodies are naturally relaxing. Similarly there are specific times of day (or night) when our bodies heal or detox or perform other functions.
    We may understand weight control or muscle building as a function of calorie intake and calorie burn. But health is much more than just body weight and muscle. Health includes everything – good hair, glowing skin, healthy gut, lung efficiency, balanced harmones, nourished happy mind, everything. Eating the same thing may affect the body positively or negatively depending on whether we eat it early morning or at late night.

  3. healthnut423 Reply

    I agree with everything you said, but those diets tend to work for people who are inclined to overeat in the evening. Stopping eating after a certain time might prevent caloric surplus, so it’s not all bullshit!

    • dashafitness Reply

      I agree! It’s just important to know the root cause isn’t stopping to eat after 7 it’s overeating and a caloric surplus.

  4. Miranda Reply

    This is awesome advice! I have a meal a couple hours before I go to bed, but it’s usually a smoothie full of fruits and veggies 🙂

  5. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains Reply

    I thought it was one of those olden time myths or something. Meh the body becomes anabolic toward sundown right, so as long as you don’t wake up from gas it’s cool!

    Ps. Bostonian and Russian? >:| Hmm very suspicious. Sorry but I will have to say: Team Canada ftw for the NHL nuff said.

    • dashafitness Reply

      This is true! It’s best to give yourself some time before bed to prevent indigestion

  6. jiy2994 Reply

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    I remember when I first started out my fitness and healthy lifestyle a year and a half ago, I was so afraid to eat after 7 pm! I would read on the internet that eating past 7 would lead to weight gain. I now understand, like the blog says, eating at 9 pm is totally ok! As long as you don’t have a bucket of fried chicken every night you’re fine! A light snack is necessary for muscle growth and keeps your metabolism rolling! My fav snack is a quest bar toasted in a 375 degree oven for 9 min! Yum!

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