Diet Debunk: Juicing

The major benefit of juicing is getting in your vegetables and fruit servings for the day easily. Another benefit could be using up products that are about to expire. There is no scientific evidence to tell us any other benefits to juicing other than this, so let’s get down to the misconceptions.

Juicing will help me lose weight

Potentially…but think of it this way. Would you rather eat 4 oranges for lunch or 12 oz. of orange juice? When you juice, you get a highly concentrated amount of calories, mainly from carbs in the form of sugar. Because you’ve stripped the food from their fibers, you’re mainly drinking sugar, which can leave you hungry and with a sugar-crash soon after. Be careful!

It will detox my body

There is no scientific evidence in medical literature that juicing will detox your body. Your kidneys, liver, and immune system work to detox your body every day. The best way to help them function is to keep your body hydrated (shoutout to the #gallonchallenge).

Going on an all juice diet is so good for you

An all juice diet puts your body in shock as it strips you from other macronutrients it needs on a daily basis to survive. Living off of carbs, especially just sugar, is not healthy.

Thus, juicing in moderation is helpful in getting the vitamins and minerals you may need in your day, but is not a replacement to take over your diet completely. I prefer to get in my foods in their whole forms to include the fibers and provide satiety. Remember: everything in balance!

5 thoughts on “Diet Debunk: Juicing

  1. sierraschwartz Reply

    Very true. My mom did juicing to try to lose weight and she didn’t lose a pound. I think the lack of protein/fat plus the insulin spikes could actually cause weight gain.

  2. thebodyforum Reply

    Great points, juicing basically rids the complexity of the carbs from fruit delivering pure fructose, this Means less calories used to digest and a potential insulin spike,
    if you’re looking to Slim down hit a natural diet or low carb (not fully ketogenic unless a hardened dieter / athlete)
    valuable post to consider!

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