Battle of the Seeds (Chia vs. Flax)

Whenever I see a new overnight oats recipe I always see either flax or chia seeds added to the ingredients. Chia pudding has been making a breakthrough the past few years, but what about the idea of a flax pudding? Why can’t these seeds be interchangeable? 

I’ve done taste tests before to see which is “the better seed” for overnight oats. My conclusion? Both. Chia seeds give more of a gelatinous texture to the oats, while flax seeds give a crunch. Although flax seeds do add a gelatinous effect, it is not as potent as the chia seeds. In my opinion, a little of both is the best option!

My taste test verdict is also a reflection of which seed I think is better for you. Although this infographic says flax is better, the next website will tell you chia is better. Overall, it simply depends on what you need more or less of in your diet.

Which seed wins the battle in your opinion? 

To find out more about the differences click here !

2 thoughts on “Battle of the Seeds (Chia vs. Flax)

  1. jncthedc Reply

    Great analysis. I usually recommend BOTH since each has different benefits and variety makes meal planning more interesting.
    This is important information stated in a light hearted manner which makes the read more fun. Great job!

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      I agree! I think adding both in is the healthiest way to deal with the “battle” haha!

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