Actions Thoughts Behaviors: Motivation Monday

This week I’ve been reflecting a lot about my actions, my thoughts, and how they reflect into behaviors. The three are integrated into an endless circle and the circle can be triggered at any 3 state.

Example loop: Action- I didn’t work out today > Thought- I’m never going to reach my goals > Feelings- Sad, hopeless, useless

See how it works? Can you think of a time today or this past week you’ve done something, felt something, or thought something that triggered a negative loophole? Example situations can be anything from fighting with someone to personal actions regarding your goals. These loopholes can push us farther from our loved ones and our goals so this week we will focus on ending a negative loopholes.

To do so, we have to break the negative circle before it can finish, and promote the positive circles!

To break the negative circle, don’t allow your thoughts/behaviors reflect in your actions and vice a versa.

Using example loop: Action- I didn’t work out today > Thought- I’m never going to reach my goals I’m going to set aside time tomorrow to make sure I can fit this in > Feelings- Sad, hopeless, useless Motivated, inspired, excited

Learning to break the negative circle will promote a more positive way of life and overall happiness.

This week, we CAN do it. we CAN change. we CAN accomplish ALL of our goals!

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