6 Tips to Avoid the Flu and Cold

Welp, I just spent the past two days in bed all day fighting off a pretty bad cold. A couple of days before this also hindered my activity levels, and I’m still feeling the effects a few days later. Living in a sorority house with 52 other girls, I’m not surprised I got sick within a month of being back. After being away from the gym and my routines for almost 5 days, I’m ready to get back in the game and prevent myself from ever having to go through that again. In preparation, I decided to reflect a little to learn from my experience. I asked my boyfriend today: on a scale of 1-100%, what percent am I myself when I am sick? He said on my worst days I was 15% and the days surrounding that I was 50%…

As the song says, let’s keep it 100% with some of these tips:

1. Stay Hydrated
If you have trouble drinking enough water, drink flavored water! I went through almost a gallon of gatorade the day I was feeling my worst. Fluids help your body flush out the sickness, so drink up!


2. Sanitize

Always wash your hands before eating or after using the bathroom and be smart about sharing utensils and cups. You never know who is carrying what. Some people may be sick and may not even know it yet!


3. Get a flu shot

Although people say that the flu shot has between a 30%-90% chance of preventing the flu on a good year, something is better than nothing. Next time you’re at your doctors office or even a local pharmacy, try to squeeze in the time for a flu shot- you’re already there so why not?!


4. Eat & Drink Your Vitamins 

Citric foods like lemons and oranges will help you keep your vitamin C levels high. If you feel like you are at increased risk for getting sick, take some Emergen-C, Zicam, or Airborne.


5. Avoid touching your face & biting your nails

Your hands have been all over the place throughout the day and should not go near the face. Try not to rest your head on your hands, lick the dressing off your fingers, or bite your cuticles.


6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Believe it or not, stress weakens the immune system. Keep your stress low by exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep. Make sure you recognize your symptoms of stress and try to alleviate it.

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  1. jncthedc Reply

    Great suggestions. I have a different opinion regarding the flu shot and introducing adjuvants like thimerosal into the body, but the overall concepts of actively participating to correct health imbalances and maintaining a healthy lifestyle would benefit a great many people.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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