5 Exercises to Build Your Back & Correct Posture

Left= No Back Exercises , Right= Lifting

Ever find yourself hunched over at the desk, in a chair, in the car? I mean the list goes on forever and we are all guilty of it. By neglecting to work out your back muscles you are training to become the hunchback.

Attractive, no?

Increasing back strength will improve your posture and help shape your body to give the appearance of a smaller waist. It will allow you to pick up heavier items and decrease your likelihood of sprain, or “throwing out your back”.

For me, the back is one of the most challenging parts of my body to hit because it’s hard for me to feel the burn. One thing I’ve learned with the back is the importance of squeezing. I always feel the difference when I drop to lower weights and move through the reps at a slower tempo.

Here are five of my favorite back exercises I perform on back day:

Wide Grip Pull Downs

Seated Row

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

One Arm Dumbbell Row

Romanian Deadlift


What are your favorite back exercises?

7 thoughts on “5 Exercises to Build Your Back & Correct Posture

  1. Deniza Reply

    Hi! Just found your blog and I am loving it 🙂 I struggled with scoliosis and muscle imbalances and especially a weak back! I’m doing all these exercises and happy to say my before an after pictures just look like yours (only difference is a slight curve in the spine of course ;))!
    We seem to have similar interests, so I’m going to follow you 🙂
    Happy sunday and keep going!

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      Thanks Deniza! That’s awesome! You should be so proud of all your hard work- what a story! Thanks for following and let me know if there are any topics you’d specifically like addressed ☺️

  2. New Journey Reply

    I had a trainer and he always said…imagine a pencil being held up on you back….squeeze to make it stay….so I always picture a pencil when I do any back exercises…LOL

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      Hahah! That’s the best way to describe it! Love it!

  3. jncthedc Reply

    These are great basic exercises that improve posture and function. Most people have slumping posture with rounded shoulders. These exercises as part of an exercise regimen can prevent these issues. It can also prevent typical degenerative osteoarthritis as we age. This is just one of many posts that FitwithDasha has written that provides information that can affect the quality of one’s life. Spot on!

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      I have a split so I train different groups of muscles on different days to make sure they have enough time to rest and recover

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