5 Common Myths to Getting Your Dream Body

Living in a sorority, I constantly see girls following these common college girl myths to reach their goals and then wondering why “it’s just not working”. Here’s what I hear most often:

I’m going gluten free…or maybe I just won’t eat meat…ok I’m avoiding carbs?! Salads forever!!…screw it I’m vegan now.

Everything in balance. You need fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to live. Feeding your body all three of these in specific ratios is much more important than the source it is coming from. Once you are consuming the correct amounts, then you can manipulate your sources. Choose foods that make you feel good. You can choose to eat an apple with peanut butter, or you can get the same ratios of nutrients and calories from a cookie. Sometimes a cookie will make you feel better than an apple with peanut butter, and that’s completely fine. It is up to you to figure out how you want to get your intake, but it needs to be a balance- you should never out certain groups or foods to try to reach your goals.

If I choose healthy or “clean” foods it’ll help me look like this:

I watch Nikki’s youtube and I know for a fact she practices the balance I preach above. She goes out to ihop for pancakes, she eats ice cream, but she also eats her oatmeal and chicken. Again, it’s about balance. Eat enough to grow your muscles and not to gain excess fat. If you don’t eat enough you will damage your metabolism and suffer much more over time stuck in a plateau. Does Nikki Blackketter look like she ate salads to get those glutes?

Going to the gym means going on the treadmill/elliptical then doing some ab exercises

If this is your workout every day, your body will get used to it after a month or so and you’ll plateau before you know it. Switch it up and lift something heavy. Lifting burns more calories than going for a run. Make sure you’re progressing each week whether in sets, reps, or weights.

Doing ab exercises will help me get a flatter stomach

You can not spot reduce fat. If you work out your thighs with the adductors, they will not make them smaller, and if you work out your abs they will not make your stomach smaller. Proper nutrition and a proper workout plan will get you to your goals. These are our bodies and health/fitness is a science.

Lifting heavy will make me big and bulky

Think of it more like this: you won’t get bulky from lifting heavy, you’ll get “toned”.  If you’re not struggling lifting the weights you are not growing the muscle underneath. If you don’t have the muscle growth, you won’t have the muscle, and you won’t be able to have the “toned” look you are going for. Running won’t make you toned, lifting heavier weights will.

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3 thoughts on “5 Common Myths to Getting Your Dream Body

  1. Chad Miller Reply

    Dasha I love this article. This is exactly why I started my blog. I have got great results without taking anything out of my diet. I limit things yes but I do not say never.

    • fitwithdasha Post authorReply

      Thank you! That’s so nice to hear and I’m glad you preach the same ????

  2. jncthedc Reply

    Balance is not only the key to exercise, it is the key to a healthy and happy life. Most people want to follow a program (ex. Tony Horton) to get them to their goals. A program in and of itself will never achieve this. It is only 1 part of a lifestyle that needs to be achieved to gain a lifetime of results. We think in terms of the moment. We need to lengthen our time horizons.

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