4 Ways to Drink More Water

Hope everyone’s is doing well with their #gallonchallenge! Some people have been telling me about how hard it is for them to finish their gallons every day. I’ve always been one to drink a lot of water but I can definitely relate…sometimes I just forget! Here are a few tips to help us through the rest of the challenge:

1. Infuse your water. Add cucumbers, mint, basil or fresh fruit. The possibilities are endless and are a fun way to spice up your boring water.

2. Mark time intervals. By adding these reminders, it will help you pace yourself throughout the day! Even try setting alarms on your phone if you need to.

3. Add some spice. Spicier foods will have you reaching for your glass of water in no time!

4. Splurge a little. Buy a new water bottle you’ll want to have on you all the time.

11 thoughts on “4 Ways to Drink More Water

  1. The Body Forum Reply

    I can relate to your struggles haha, especially as you increase water intake I think your needs increase, The healthiest “problem” you could have though!

  2. The Body Forum Reply

    Buying yourself a inexpensive BCAA powder to mix in adds flavour, aids muscle recovery and can help keep you alert!
    Recommendation: Scitec Leucine dominant matrix – lemon

    If you exercise regularly it’s amazing as a intra-workout refreshment. I put about 2 scoops in 3 litres of water and drink on the move!

  3. Amanda B. Reply

    When I have a cute water bottle to drink out of, I always drink more 🙂 Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

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