4 Exercises for Sculpted Shoulders

Women tend to neglect certain parts of the body in their training because they think it will “make them look manly”….

In reality, sculpted shoulders will help give the appearance of smaller hips, a narrow waist, and define your arms. They help to create an attractive and overall symmetric look through the body. DO NOT neglect the shoulders as they create the aesthetic “V” look that many strive for.

Start your routine with compound exercises which will target all of the shoulder muscles. Begin with a multipoint movement such as the dumbbell shoulder press when your energy is the highest. If you do various isolation exercises first, it may weaken your performance to do the compound exercises later on.

1) Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Then move onto some isolation exercises:

2) Seated Bent Over Rear Dumbbell Fly

3) Barbell Front Raises

4) Lateral Dumbbell Raises

My personal favorite is either the seated dumbbell press or the lateral dumbbell raises, and I usually train the shoulders 1-2 times a week. How about you!?

2 thoughts on “4 Exercises for Sculpted Shoulders

  1. Amanda B. Reply

    Great moves! Shoulders are always hard to workout for me, but I will give these suggestions a try! I really need to work on my front raises.

  2. dashafitness Reply

    Hahah it’s so hard to get the weights into position I feel like that’s half my battle haha!

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