“I am so grateful for all the help Dasha has given me over the past few months. She has given me perspective on my weight loss journey, understands my busy schedule and is always willing to help me be a better, healthier me! She is a great support and reminds me to love what I have now and continue to work at my goals.¬†Dasha was so helpful, she kept me on track, checked in with me and kept me motivated. Thanks to Dasha I was able to find balance with my schedule and feel like I could live healthy and enjoy my cake too!”


The past year I have been in a very negative place mentally. Within a 6-month period I lost 20 pounds by running 5-7 miles daily and eating barely 800 calories each day. I was skinny and thought I was happy but I was really miserable. Slowly, I started a habit of binging every weekend, eating more in one sitting than I would in that entire past week. Eventually my body and mind had enough. I went through an entire month of binging every single day. I ended up gaining all 20 pounds back.

I was lost and completely degraded, but then I found Dasha. I could not be more grateful. She took the time to customize personal nutrition and workout plans for my daily needs. She was there for me any time I needed any advice or help or even just somebody to talk to. She is so kind and positive, and I can truthfully say that she has removed my head from an extremely negative place. I am beginning to once again see the value of food as fuel, rather than something evil. Although I am still far from my goals, in just four weeks, Dasha has taught me more about myself than I would have thought possible. I am so confident in her ability to coach me and cannot wait to continue working with her for another eight weeks, and beyond.